Reasons for Thermal Imaging

  • The applications of infrared thermal imaging are endless!
  • The extent of equipment repair can be reduced by taking precautions before a catastrophic failure occurs.
  • Energy costs increase as failing equipment begins to deteriorate.  Reduce your cost of operation through a thermal imaging program.
  • The cost of equipment repair and downtime is much higher than the cost of a first-rate thermal imaging preventative inspection.
  • SAFETY!  Equipment failure can result in major risks to your building. Building fires and employee injuries are significant risks.
  • Building moisture and air infiltration result in building envelope failure, and can result in sky-rocketing energy costs.  We are able and qualified to locate leaks in flat roofs, as well as locate missing insulation in walls and ceilings. This saves your valuable time and money. 
  • Electrical inspections can be done more quickly than checking each breaker box  along with each wire, individually.  Most times these inspections can be completed in one day,  whereas many other types of inspections would take several days.
  • In these tough economic times, maintenance costs are often placed on the back burner.  Let us help prioritize those maintenance issues to better allocate your maintenance resources where they are needed the most.
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