Infrared Inspection Applications

Infrared inspections can be applied to many aspects of commercial buildings and industrial applications.  Prior to infrared inspections, many defects remained hidden or unidentified until catastrophic or significant damages  occurred.  Prevention and early detection are the key benefits of infrared inspections. 

Below is a sampling of the many infrared inspection services A&R Inspection can provide:
  • Environmental Imaging
  • Electrical inspections and surveys
  • Mechanical and motor circuit maintenance surveys
  • Flat roof inspections
  • Building envelope inspections
  • Moisture intrusion location and surveys
  • Radiant heat source location and mapping
  • Buried pipe leak location
  • Locating structural defects
  • Plumbing supply and drain leak detection
  • HVAC inspections and diagnostics
  • Roof maintenance inspections
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance inspections
  • Energy surveys
  • and much more...

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and applications.


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