Optical Gas Imaging for Natural Gas and Oil Industries

Most volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and gases are invisible to the naked eye. Strict regulations govern how companies are to trace, document, rectify, and report any leaks of volatile organic compounds, and how often these procedures are to be carried out. The most commonly used technology is Toxic Vapor Analyzer (TVA) or "sniffer" technology. This traditonal method of leak detection is subject to errors and unreliablity as even the smallest of breezes can negatively affect accuracy and pin-point detection.  Additionally there are literally tens of thousands of fittings, valves, and components that must be inspected and "sniffed" for leaks on a routine basis. 

Gas leaks result in significant profit losses from pipe lines, refineries, and production facilities.  When searching for potential gas leaks, technicians check all systems at points that may or may not have been identified beforehand. These checks are carried out regularly, and are particularly important following a shutdown. At a refinery, this means carrying out tens of thousands tests on piping, stopcocks, seals, valves, torches, etc. An inspector using the traditional detection methods with a TVA could carry out around five hundred inspections per day. An inspector using an infrared camera system can, on the other hand, get through an inspection regime of more than one hundred objects an hour. The most important reason for using infrared optical gas imaging for leak detection is to minimize discharges of gas and other volatile organic compounds from  pipework and related fittings... Ultimately reducing the necessary man hours for such a daunting task.

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A&R Inspections (Indiana Infrared Thermal Imaging) now provides Infrared Optical Environmental Imaging Leak Detection for utility providers and oil & gas company clients. We can help reduce profit loss, down time, and costly penalties for non-compliance in emmissions.

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