Infrared Flat Roof Inspections

Indianapolis infrared flat roof inspection

One of the most cost-effective methods of maintaining a commercial flat roof is the inclusion of routine infrared roof surveys. The average service life of a flat roof system has been estimated at 15 years.  However, many flat roof systems develop leaks within their first 2 years of service.  Damage caused by roof leaks can cost building and facility owners exponentially through equipment and property loss, as well as other related building damages. 

Infrared thermal imaging can assist in determining roof system integrity and the extent of damage caused by roof leaks. Once water enters a flat roof system, it can remain undetected for years. The damage to insulation and extent of latent water can be quickly identified and mapped with infrared thermal imaging technology. This service helps facility and commercial building owners determine if entire roof replacement is necessary, or if smaller repairs can feasibly extend the roof system service life.   Many of our Indianapolis and Indiana commercial building clients have realized the benefits of routine infrared thermal roof surveys. Through surveys and proper maintenance, clients can extend roof service life exponentially. Clients also effectively reduce disposal costs and landfill, leading to a greener, healthier environment.


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